Exactly in March last year, after just celebrating its birthday, DEOS Group gathered all employees to brief them regarding the inevitable coming of COVID19 and WFH policy. On the very same day, an Internal Memorandum was published and an Emergency Response Team was formed.

The team exists to monitor each colleagues’ health and help them transition to a remote working life. DEOS Group is grateful that after a year and we’re still having to be aware of the virus, the company can still maintain its performance and productivity optimally. As the situation develops, we found a way to work in a safe & healthy environment, both inside or outside the office.

“We comply with the government’s regulation, and at the same time, we apply several policies that are even more strict than the common regulations out there,” Mr. Amin Kurniawan, the supervisor of DEOS’ ERT, said. “We’ve realised since back then that we are living in a marathon, not a sprint. In the face of the challenge, we’ve realized this pandemic won’t just go away instantaneously, so we must take ‘a very deep breath’ and manage our oxygen for the long run.”

From setting up the health protocols, providing all necessary items, hygiene equipment such as: hand sanitizer for all, essential tools such as: thermo-gun ready in all entry points, to disinfect all rooms, all are done in order to keep everyone’s safety.

All the efforts are executed with one aim in minds – for the sustainability of the business. “We’re grateful that through this remote working arrangement, we could still provide an excellent service to our clients,” he added. Therefore during the year, the arrangement of both WFO and WFH is set flexibly, with the employees’ safety & productivity as priority.

After one year, he is grateful that all the efforts and policies show its result. “All the employees are protected – if one of our employees contracted the virus, we’ll take action immediately. We trace and get the people who were in close contact with him/her to get checked, so it won’t spread to become a cluster here.”

DEOS Group recognizes the importance of protecting its people in order to reach business sustainability during this dynamic time. Not just applied to the headquarters, all business units under DEOS Group also strictly executed the health protocols to this day. “At this moment, I would like to express my appreciation to the business units who have applied these policies to keep everyone safe and for the ERT team who has established great coordination and consistency since the beginning of the pandemic,” he stated.