Conventionally, people tend to just dismiss the difference between contact center and call center – but behind the language difference lies a bigger principle in business operations. We at DEOS Group tend to aim for a contact center solution rather than a call center.

The Differences of Contact Center and Call Center

What’s the difference – you may ask. Call centers usually play a picture in our mind as cubicles of phones managed by operators, to cater your clients request. It is good to have them stand by, guarding your business as clients’ requests may come anytime and your brand’s image lies on how responsive your operators are. Yet as time goes by, and the business landscape changes in accordance with your customers’ lifestyle, we believe in a deeper engagement through many channels.

The number of people having landline numbers are continuing to decline while the rise of smartphones and other gadgets let customers gain access to many alternative ways of communication. Yes, a call center lets customers call, while a contact center keeps you in contact through any customer service channel – be it email, chat hotline, and many more.

Therefore, in managing communication channels with the customers, it’s important to make sure that you have a properly managed contact center. It should act as the central point of contact, from which all customer interactions across various channels are managed.

In general, contact centers can be categorized into two: Inbound and outbound. Inbound contact centers usually focus on receiving messages/feedback/tickets from the customers, while the outbound contact center aims for actively reaching out to customers – for example: Making outgoing calls to loyal customers. 

When excellency in contact center management is what you aim for, opt for contact center solutions! DEOS Group has been serving businesses in Indonesia with contact center solutions for years, from insurance to banking industry, and many more. Equipped with proven technology & years of experience, DEOS Group is here to provide you with excellency in contact center. 

We provide both outbound (telemarketing or telesales) and inbound (help desk customer service); our complete features include:

  1. Telemarketing
  2. Telecollection
  3. Telefundraising
  4. Telesurvey
  5. Televerification
  6. Customer Services
  7. Inbound Sales

Be Aligned With Us!

We work on a daily basis to assist businesses in Indonesia and the Philippines to build their best contact center solution aimed at utmost customer experience and satisfaction. If you’re looking forward to making your contact center in line with your progressive business vision, opt for a solution that provides customers with efficient and effective technical support, customer service and sales assistance. Need more information? Contact us now!

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