Working from home with a remote team and flexible work arrangements has made you do the same activities continuously. Waking up in the morning, having breakfast, turning on the laptop, then doing your work. Well, that is what you have done on repeat, every Monday to Friday.

DEOS Strategic Partner, have you ever felt kind of anxious, exhausted, and easily irritated?

Be careful, those symptoms indicate you might be stricken by Cabin Fever! This refers to an experience of feeling restless and sad when you are being isolated in your home for a long time. Whether you realize it or not, COVID-19 pandemic has triggered this psychological phenomenon to be flourished among the professionals. They start experiencing their own ‘personal lockdown’.

Experiencing cabin fever leads you to various common symptoms which largely affect your mental and emotional health; boredom, sadness, lack of patience and motivation, depression, and loneliness.

To relief your Cabin Fever experience, you can try to do these things:

  1. Manage your work time and rest time.
  2. Set your daily task and what to achieve.
  3. Do not overplan your daily activity.
  4. Stick to a normal eating schedule.
  5. Try to be less worry and be more happy.
  6. Get some outdoor activities in small scale.
  7. Take time to rest.
  8. Sleep for minimum 8 hours at night.

Now, you may view the Cabin Fever as a challenge for your productivity. But let’s fight it and we shall overcome this as a highly resilient employee.

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