Let’s embrace Q2 of 2022, it’s time to put your organization in the fast lane. Are you ready? 

We talked with Hardy Jonggala, the President Director from Kontinum, as one of DEOS Group’s subsidiaries in the field of interior construction. Used to contribute their expertise for clients in both the commercial office and F&B industry, we dig deeper to learn more about how a correct interior design can mean a lot for productivity. 

“Interior elements have a huge influence on employees’ productivity,” he opened our discussion. “Do you know, those who work on marbles or ceramic tiles in the office, tend to feel more fatigue at the end of the days, compared to those working in rooms with carpeted or parquet floorings?” 

Yet, it does not mean that it has to be all fluffy inside your interior. “A good office interior should be a combination between hard and soft structure – choose a good combination of wall, ceiling and floor materials to prevent unwanted things, such as employees always sounding like he/she is constantly being in a bathroom when they’re on phone calls with clients,” he shared. 

Moving on, the tabletop also has a huge impact on employees’ productivity. “Working nowadays has its own pressure and perhaps more targets that your organization wants to achieve – and those who can work in a state of calm & mindful, can focus more. Wooden tabletop surfaces can achieve this effect, since natural elements are proven to keep employees relaxed at work.” 

Other natural elements that you can utilize are indoor plants and aquariums. “Putting an aquarium inside the office can make your employees feel at home, less-stressed, and of course, boost their productive time.” 

When deciding upon interior coloring, he suggests blue or green for jobs that require lots of deep thinking and analytics, and red/orange/yellow for creative workers.

So, that’s all the elements that an office manager should consider before rearranging the interior – we understand that human resources can’t always be very productive 9-to-5, but with the right interior design, the productive time can be optimized. It’s a win/win situation, in which employees enjoy the convenience of being part of your organization, and HR can have a peace of mind as the employees’ work efficiently with effective work hours. You can discuss more about it with the expert, Kontinum, as one of DEOS Group’s subsidiaries in the field of Interior Construction.  

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