Now that you’re thinking about what to do to drive your company forward in 2021, let’s talk about CRM!

If you haven’t heard it yet, CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one of many different approaches that allow a company to manage and analyse its own interactions with its past, current and potential customers. Bottom line, it’s a staple to enhance your CX strategy. 

We talked with Mr. Rizky Rezari, President Director of ADVIKA, one of DEOS’ subsidiaries that focuses on digital content. “In terms of digital campaigns, we’ll see acceleration on digital transformation within companies,” he shared. “We understand that post-COVID19, people are spending more time online; therefore as marketer, we must sense that.”

Therefore, a digitally responsive customer experience has become more and more essential. CRM is the platform that helps clients to respond well to this new context – a good CRM platform will accelerate your business by providing better customer experience that’s in line with today’s demand: Fast, practical, solutive.

ADVIKA presents their clienteles with CRM software that includes  Social Media Listening Tools, Channel Communication, etc. “When we view it from PPT perspective (People, Process & Technology), a good investment in CRM tapped the technology part perfectly,” he added.

According to Mr. Rezari, in the approaching future, we’ll see more processes automated by system; especially for specific tasks. Therefore, the HR talents within companies will be driven to be more generalists that can see solutions from bird-eye-view, instead of being a specialist all the time. “And speaking of process, we see that it’s now emphasized on collaboration.” That’s why it’s time to widen our horizon, so we can come with a more holistic approach to our organizations. Do contact us for more information regarding CRM softwares to support your companies.