Gone are the days when a ‘cool’ office looked like Greek temple. Today’s business climate requires agility and resilience, which is embodied in a minimalist office design with low maintenance interior to increase people and customer experience. Are you one of those office managers looking for the advantage of a low maintenance interior?

Hardy Jonggala, the President Director of Kontinum acknowledges the increasing demand for low maintenance office interior, as the combination of WFH and WFO workstyle is still on.  “People used to build an office with the mindset that it has to be durable for approximately 20 years – but nowadays 3-5 years durability is fine,” he shared. “As the business develops and time goes by, the interior style changes.”

So, what are tips for having a low maintenance interior? Check out the quick tips below:
– Avoid the classical elements with lots of curves; it requires huge effort to clean 
– Lots of companies now leave full carpet on floors, and prefer 50X50 tiles that can be replaced easily 
– Use acoustic ceilings that can be easily moved when it’s dirty or need repairment
– Utilize LED lights with longer lifetime and smaller watts
– Avoid painted melamine or acrylic-polished tables that’s challenging to clean

However, some points remain the same – for example for the President Commissioners’ of BOD’s room, that may require the same meticulous treatment as in the past. “The point for those rooms is that they have to be representative, not just easy to maintain,” he added. “Because the leaders may need to receive important clients there.” 

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