Without the ability to adapt inwardly, you’ll trot around the industry like a car in an offroad lane, without a shockbreaker. So, how to make your career less painful in 2022?

No matter what industry that you’re in – from Human Resources, Customer Experience, Contact Center, Talent Acquisition or CX Technology, the ability of adapting inward is essential to strive your career after the New Normal.

If you’re still clueless, check out these clues:

Improvise, adapt, overcome
Not just a popular meme, the principle works well in the office. Be spontaneous in grabbing opportunities.

‘Can do’ attitude
Accept it, it’s natural to want to resist change. But don’t stop there, build up your ability to adapt and respond positively by literally changing your behaviour next time you are faced with a change.

Creative problem-solving
The next time your team/organization is faced with challenges, try making a quick list of some of the potential ways you could solve the problem. Experiment with different strategies and focus on developing a logical way to work through common problems.

The most important thing is, avoid victim-mentality and be assertive in handling your issues. Whenever you can, always challenge yourself and team to learn and upgrade your skills.

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