Building a high-quality customer experience stands as a significant challenge in this era of digitally transformed industry. Every company competes to offer the best customer service, striving for business continuity. Are you one of them?

Challenges in Delivering the Best Customer Experience

In the midst of today’s dynamic industry, creating a good customer experience is the primary challenge for every company. So, how can you ensure you provide optimal service to your customers?

Despite being trained, customer service agents naturally have different communication styles, which can hinder the ability to provide a consistent experience to your customers. Furthermore, chatbots, designed to assist in solving this problem, sometimes worsen the issues by failing to deliver the expected responses.

On the other hand, customers nowadays expect a service that is always available to address their needs and concerns. Is your customer service ready to be available 24/7 for them?

Introducing ARSI Smartbot, a chatbot capable of engaging efficiently and effectively with your customers, with the benefit of direct agent assistance.

ARSI Smartbot’s True Hybrid Operation Solution

To address every present-day business challenge, ARSI Smartbot offers a true hybrid operation that enables seamless, uninterrupted interactions with your customers. When the AI bot is unsure about the answer to a question, it escalates the query to an agent for a direct response.

Utilizing a hybrid approach involving AI bots and agents, ARSI enhances your company’s customer experience.

On-The-Fly Training with ARSI Smartbot

In addition to streamlining daily operations, integrating ARSI Smartbot into your company’s ecosystem is also made easy through a practical onboarding process that utilizes the On-the-Fly Training method.

In this approach, ARSI Smartbot is trained by observing how agents work, leading to:

– Faster training of ARSI Smartbot.

– Improved response accuracy.

– Streamlined training without the need for programming.

– The development of ARSI’s intelligent system algorithm from existing data.

ARSI Smartbot is not a replacement for your existing customer service agents, yet it serves as a complement to your existing customer service agents, enhancing the overall quality of service provided to your customers.

Agents, with their expertise in responding to customer inquiries, play a critical role in training ARSI Smartbot. By addressing questions escalated by the AI bot, agents contribute to enhancing ARSI Smartbot’s responses, thereby preventing customers from receiving inaccurate answers as commonly encountered in traditional chatbot implementations.

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