Managing remote talents can become a huge challenge for the HR team if they’re not prepared to be adaptive with the technology. HR activities such as talent acquisition to the digital talent pool can become a burden if we can’t utilize the correct technology.

An HR today is demanded to own the agility to learn many side skills that would be important in order to execute their tasks. It’s not uncommon to find HR these days acting as ‘production house’ at the same time, as training is gone virtual and they have to produce all the videos and facilities of live streaming to do it.

Where do we start? How do we choose the right tech to support these whooping tasks?
We spoke with Novy, Head of HRM Employee Recruitment Department (Act.) of DEOS Group about all the platforms that can make an HR’s day easier but not sacrificing the quality felt by talents.

– ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
Utilizing the sophisticated AI, such platforms assist HR to filter candidates’ CVs in accordance to each positions’ requirements

– Employee Management Apps
An all-in-one app – or sometimes dubbed as ‘super-apps’ in the HR world, it includes modules for onboarding, training, Employee Self Service, etc.

– Virtual Wellness Program
Another employee assistance program that has grown in popularity among today’s work situation. Novy specifically notes that technology for employee’s wellbeing will continue to grow and become more preferred by the employees, because the huge shift to hybrid workplace definitely affects their mental health.

For maximum effect, you may also consider using a Teleprompter when coaching or training your talents. It will enable you to scroll through your text while facing the camera, so you’ll appear fully engaged with your audience.

In terms of evaluation, you can open a google form for anonymous feedback routinely, so you can learn more insights regarding your talents and experience working with your organization. Vice versa, when you’d like to conduct some feedback to your employee, allow your employee some time to prepare for a feedback meeting. Don’t just pop up on them virtually when you notice they’re online and dive into a conversation about work performance.

Last but not least, in the virtual workplace today, you have more chances to break through the old days myth that HR is always the “public enemy” within the office. Give more room to tend for the talents’ wellness such as mentioned previously, and always do ice breakings during regular meetings – invest in online team building games such as

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