Reflecting back on 2020, we were all impacted by the global pandemic – including the BPO/ITO industry in which DEOS Group is in. We talked with our CEO, Mr. Munadi Wiryadipura and Mr. Amin Kurniawan, DEOS Group’s Director & CSIO to gain their insights after experiencing the year that brings us all a disruption.

“This pandemic gives us challenges,” the CEO said. “DEOS Group as BPO/ITO partners for clients, are going through rainy days.” Mr. Munadi describes the year as a moment in which all BPO/ITO players are challenged in terms of their survivability & sustainability. At the end, according to him, only the BPO/ITO provider that can show these values, can survive:

Real Value
Being able to show their real values in the midst of the pandemic to their clients.

Strong Business Acumen
Having a strong sense of client’s business processes is proven vital amidst these uncertain times.

Being able to adapt & response to the ‘natural selection’ process among the disruption

Mr. Amin Kurniawan concluded our discussion, “Speaking of business dynamics, it is proven that DEOS Group can handle the impact of the global pandemic well; it doesn’t shake much the business, our survivability & sustainability are kept intact.” Both of them believe, good faith between BPO/ITO service providers and the clients can be realized even amidst the pandemic when both parties manage to establish a clear and detailed scope of work; therefore, both have agreed on the same expected outcome.

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